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Muscle Testing 101: A Beginners Guide To Muscle Testing

Steve Brinton has facilitated over 41,000+ Muscle Testing Sessions and has instructed over 200 people at the 2-day Muscle Testing Academy Seminar.

Steve is giving away 1 video class from his Muscle Testing 101 video course for just $7 bucks! ($33 value)

Muscle Testing 101 is a series of 6 (over 5 hours of instruction) video classes that explain and teach all of the systems and techniques that will help you engage with your own emotional and intellectual thoughts, feelings and reactions.

What’s included:

  • Discover the process in human minds that creates our emotion and our emotional response. 
  • Identify how you react to your feelings, if you are flight, fight or a freeze personality.
  • You will be taught techniques that will give you more connection with others.
  • The process that our minds create that causes suffering.
  • Learn how you can benefit from the “negative” experiences in your life.

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