Muscle Testing Guide Book

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People usually ask about the muscle testing tool from two angles. The first angle is that you are looking for a tool, an intervention that can give you some ease and peace, some relief and resolution to the challenges you are experiencing in life.

Typically you have tried other modalities, tools, western medicine, basic psychotherapy, and with whatever results you have experienced you continue to look for something more efficient, more effective.

The second angle is finding solutions to problems of life in the areas of Relationships, Finances, Health, Career, and Spirituality.

I want to give you a free copy of our introduction bundle. In this bundle you will receive 3 key building blocks to gaining more personal freedom and peace in your life. Inside this bundle you will receive:

  • Request for Divine Assistance – Sometimes life gets so challenging it is helpful to have some Divine help. This guideline shows you the way to access more of that Divine help, Discover how to introduce divine assistance into your life and get the support you need.
  • The Grounding – In the daily buzz of this world we sometimes get lost in the chaos of our life. The Grounding helps to bring us back into our body.
  • Intro to separating chatter from truth in your life – In this 20 minute video. I will show you a way to map your thoughts, feelings and reactions for any painful, stressful, or uncomfortable situation in life that you may experience.