Come and join us for a Brand New training!

Learn additional techniques, BEYOND FORGIVENESS that can enhance your muscle testing practice and deliver amazing results to your family, friends and clients.


The BEST and SMARTEST techniques that I’ve learned over my 30 years of Muscle Testing as well as the tools of the most recent 6 months will be delivered to you in this Muscle Testing Academy – Advanced Course.

Doing Muscle Testing over many years has presented techniques and distinctions that I’ve been able to learn and use with clients and MYSELF that allow me to experience transformation and personal miracles and make a difference in lives of those I love.  These techniques will help you be a contribution in the lives of others as they focus on their health, relationships, finances and career.

In the MTA Advanced Course, you will benefit from my years of experience, and learn the extraordinary techniques that continue to reveal themselves to me as I practice with this tool on a daily basis.  The tool continually reveals itself to me with new truths and understandings that are more effective than ever before.

We will be sharing these new methods with hands-on training and contained within a bound course manual for your continual reference.

MTA - The Advanced Course

Come Join Us!

August 15th, 16th, 17th
Thu: 7pm – 9pm
Fri: 9am – 7pm
Sat: 9am – 7pm

At MTA Advanced Course you will receive:

  • State of the Art Mirror of Light and Truth tool.
  • The New, never before trained, Sword of Light and Truth intervention.
  • Integration of these tools to deliver Healing.
  • Course Training Manual.
  • 28 Hours of training!

The MTA Advance Course training is a GAME CHANGER.  These tools will help you expedite the progress of your clients to deeper, more effective and complete Outcomes in their personal pathways of life, love and relationships.